Steven Ure
Ure Proofreading and Copyediting Services
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“Happy to give a bonus to Steve. Did great copyediting work. Thorough and super helpful. Above and beyond.”

-Michael Rogan, Punk Rock Marketing

Steve delivered quality work on a strict deadline, will work with him again.

-Kiley Sawchak, Marketing and Public Relations at RiexCo LP

Wonderful experience! Steve Ure provided excellent revisions to my manuscript, technical suggestions and truly helped me take the story to the next level. Highly recommend to any author looking for a professional with technical, creative and quality feedback.

-A.L. Elder, novelist

Few minutes after posting my job description, he was hired and did the job extremely well and extremely fast. Definitely recommended.

-Regis Freyd,

“After having proofread my manuscript several times, I was confident that it was virtually flawless.  Imagine my surprise when I got it back from Ure Copy Editing Services littered with notes!  This service was absolutely invaluable in helping to make my book as professional as possible.  I would have been horrified if I’d published it with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors intact.  This is why it’s important, no matter how good a job you think you’ve done, to have your work gone over with a fresh set of eyes.  Since I can’t pluck the eyes from Mr Ure’s head (I tried, but he’s a crafty and elusive devil), I had to pay him to use them himself.  Still, it was worth every penny.”

-Christopher Harding, author of Percy Gets Probed and Other Peculiar Stories

“Steve completed the task very quickly and was honest with his time. Great job, thanks again!”

-Stephanie Cholette, novelist,

He took a very poorly written project and converted it into a masterpiece.  I would recommend him as an editor to all that is seeking one.  He is absolutely the best."

-John Owens,

"Very thorough proof reading. He went over my text with a fine-tooth comb and identified several small problems that I missed. Highly recommended."

-Richard Gardner, 

“Steve was a pleasure to work with and I will be using his services in the future again.”

-Lisa Arrington, Quake

“Working with Steve was a wonderful experience; he pays great attention to detail and managed to complete the job at very short notice.”

-Amber Smith, novelist

“Great proofreader and editor”

-Radomir R., Web-Solutions Expert

“Steve has been brilliant to work with. Not only will I recommend him but I will be working with him again.  Thanks Steve!”

-Ella Winter, novelist

“Well done Steve,
I appreciated your analysis . It is a professional and to the point one.
Communication with you was excellent.
Definitely will hire you on similar works in the future.
Thanks Steve”

-Franc Ralph, novelist

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