Steven Ure
Ure Proofreading and Copyediting Services
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Have you written something and you are not sure if the grammar and spelling are perfect? Perhaps you think some of the sentences are poorly or awkwardly worded? Maybe you think some of the writing is unclear and confusing?  Then I am here to help.

My name is Steven Ure and I have been proofreading and copyediting for the past seven years. I have proofread novels, business proposals, short stories, CVs, film scripts, websites, essays and pretty much every other format. I offer competitively-priced, passionate and thorough proofreading services with a fast turnaround. I will correct any and all mistakes, re-write confusing sentences and polish your content until it shines.

My proofreading rate is $0.45 per 100 words. The rate is negotiable for content with longer word counts like full-length novels.

My beta-reading rate is $0.15 per 100 words.

Contracts can be made through eLance or oDesk or payments can be made directly through PayPal.