Genre: Superhero, Action Adventure, Humor, Satire

Published by: CBG, Burst imprint

Doolie Gogh is your everyday superhero. He can fly, he has super strength, speed and healing. But he also has a huge ego problem. His ego problem is so bad he performs heroics because of the attention he receives. The saving people’s lives and stopping criminals is merely a side benefit.

The citizens of Tantapolis have grown tired of Doolie and his reputation begins to suffer. In fact, his reputation is so bad that Doolie has to entice a beautiful journalist, Tiff Turner, to spin news stories about to make him look good in the public eye.

The supervillains and master criminals in Tantapolis are no competition for Doolie. That is until he meets his equal in Midnight Runner, his arch nemesis.

Can Doolie defeat this new threat? And in doing so, save his reputation?

Takes the clichés and tropes in superhero comic books and movies and turns them on their head in a fun and subversive way.


Blood Under The Midnight Sun, A Novel By Steven Ure

Genre: WW2, Action Adventure, Thriller, Historical

Published by: CBG

Julie takes it upon herself to take care of her younger twin brothers
after her mother dies during childbirth. Fifteen years later when World War Two breaks out, she finds she can no longer do that as her brothers have volunteered to fight for the British military and have headed off to Norway to fight the Nazis. When they are declared missing, Julie risks everything and flies over there in the dead of night to find them.

A story about family, resistance and bravery set during the tumult of German-occupied Norway in the spring of 1940.

Will the Stewart Family endure the atrocities of World War Two?

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